Informatıon Technologıes And Software Servıces


Vehicle Dismantling Module

ELV licensed dismantling facilities obtain information about the brand, model, type, engine, transmission, body and other parts information of junk/ELV vehicles and identify and dismantle parts that are undamaged or can be repaired /overhauled, create barcodes, make stock entries, take photos of these part and sell online with the spare parts module.

Web Design Module

includes the following systems and work flows to dismantle junk or end of life vehicles in licensed facilities, to identify spare parts that are in the stocks of individual storage facilities;  

To store parts in a neat order after being removed from the vehicle; to assign numbers to help potential buyers identify and request such parts; to attach barcodes (according to original part codes)

  • Parts Identification,
  • Barcodes and stock recovery,
  • Spare parts catalogue,
  • Parts Search / Inquiry,
  • Stock Tracking,
  • Storage Services,
  • Updated Parts Price List,
  • Online Access to the Sales Portal,
  • Entering Spare Parts that are not in demand in the Sales Portal to facilitate their sales,
  • Parts Delivery- Transport



Vehicle Bid /Sales Module

Includes information such as the brand, model, type engine, transmission, body, mileage, original total price of undamaged parts, all undamaged parts etc. of a vehicle together with photos of the vehicle from all sides, inside the engine compartment and inside the vehicle (glove box etc.) after the initial surveyor report (to identify damaged parts) of waste/ELV or heavily damaged vehicles (with tow certificate)

A vehicle can be sold at a fixed price or can also be sold through open or sealed bidding at a base price and with a date-time for bidding.