Managing the processes of all your automotive service-related scraps and wastes in accordance with environmental legislation and their procurement / conversion into profit;

Receiving parts, hardware, equipment and goods in electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) status with hazardous waste (ADR / MoTAT) vehicles, making waste entry, labeling, shipping, performing and reporting the interim storage and recovery processes.

Following procedures are carried out within the scope of the regulations / legislation of the European Union ELV, Waste and Batteries regarding the electrical and hybrid vehicles in scrap/ELV status.

Carrying out the registration and traceability (labeling) processes of vehicles, wastes, parts, equipment with web-based systems, retrospective tracking, inventory / recording, photographing and reporting in the automotive, insurance and waste sector, from the point of emergence of waste to recovery, destruction / disposal point.

Discussion and / or information sharing on integrated waste management, automotive recycling, product and data disposal, environmental software, electric / hybrid vehicle, accumulator, catalyst, airbag,

and performing the safe data destruction, monitoring, archiving and reporting of the service processes by the parties.

The list of waste we accept (available in our licenses) to our integrated facility

ELV detailed information about our delivery points spread throughout Turkey.