integrated waste management

Regarding all industrial wastes from production, consumption, automotive, insurance: waste logistics (ADR / MoTAT), collection-sorting, waste temporary and interim storage, decontamination-dismantling, treatment and recovery, waste sludge drying, energy recovery (disposal / disposal) and execution / execution of landfill activities.


Our main recovery, processing, storage and logistics activities related to integrated waste management


Scrap with economic value that we can purchase for raw material recovery;

Metal / stainless, metal chips,

Coloured metal (aluminum, aluminum chips, copper, magnesium, etc.),

Battery / accumulator (including lead and Li-containing batteries),

Catalyst / DPF,

Industrial-service-automotive sourced electrical and electronic waste (WEEE),


Copper-containing cable, copper-wound motor / equipment,

Paper, cardboard,

Plastic, metal and other packaging,

Those we can serve only for energy recovery, disposal and landfill, which does not contain economic value;

Automotive, metal, mining, agriculture, wood, leather, petroleum, chemical, packaging, construction etc.all waste from the manufacturing industry (except oil and radioactive waste).



waste logistics

collection, sorting

waste intermediate and temporary storage

decontamination, dismantling

processing, recovery

destruction, disposal

drying waste sludge

energy recovery
regular storage