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Preventing the generation of wastes from the production industry and vehicles in order to protect the environment and human health,
Reducing the environmental impacts of all kinds of waste, including its collection, transportation, recycling, and contributing to the national economy by participating in the reproduction process,
Reducing the amount of waste to be disposed of by means of reuse, recycling and recovery of end-of-life vehicles (ELV) and their parts,
To make improvements in the recording and reporting system by developing programs related to ELV decontamination, dismantling and waste processes with national facilities,
Establishing, operating and having operated one or more economic enterprises in order to create organizations to fulfill the waste management responsibilities (including labeling, zero waste and joint liability) arising from laws and regulations on behalf of the business and solution partners we serve,
To comply with the waste management hierarchy and producer responsibility principles, which are included in the legal regulations and policies and which form the basis of waste management, and to accept that recycling is a method applied to wastes that cannot be prevented or reused at the source,
Foreseeing end-of-life vehicles as an economic value due to their nature of being not only environmental pollutants, but also recyclable, recyclable and reusable materials, unlike other environmental impacts of the automotive industry,
Believing that all systems and processes we manage (in a process where the waste producer is jointly responsible from the point of waste to recovery, disposal / disposal) must be digitalized and the processes related to the software and systems can be monitored instantly and / or afterwards, labelled and reported In parallel with the 5th revolution of the industry,
Establishing national occupational standards for the automotive recycling sector, have been adopted as the purposes and missions of the Company.




Our activities

Beker Recycle;
Related to Integrated Waste Management (industrial waste) and Automotive Recycling; 

Scrap Metal / ELV Processing,
Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Processing / WEEE,
Hazardous Waste Recovery (accumulator / accumulator, catalyst / DPF),
Non-Hazardous Waste Recovery (plastic, cable),
ELV Temporary Storage (M1 / N1, truck / bus decontamination, dismantling),
Electric / Hybrid Vehicle Dismantling and Storage,
Airbag, Inflator, Seat Belt Recovery / Neutralization,
PCB Decontamination,
Packaging Waste Collection and Sorting,
Non-Hazardous Wastes TAB,
Waste Battery Collection / TAP,
Waste Interim Storage,
Waste Battery Temporary Storage,
Hazardous Goods /ADR and Waste Transportation/Logistics,
Creation of ELV Collection Network (Regarding the End of Life Vehicle and parts replaced during the repair; ELV Delivery Location "81 provinces", ELV Temporary Storage Area "regional", ELV Processing),
Environmental Software and Consultancy (including automotive service online environmental service),
Product and data disposal
providing services  to national industry and international organizations// managing projects on foregoing areas.




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