environmental permits and licenses

Scrap Metal / ELV Processing (environmental permit and license1)
ELV Temporary Storage (M1 / N1 / truck / bus) (environmental permit and license2)
Electrical and Electronic Equipment Processing - WEEE (environmental permit and license3)
Non-Hazardous Waste Recovery (cable-plastic) (environmental permit and license4)
Hazardous Waste Recovery (battery / accumulator) (environmental permit and license5 *)
Hazardous Waste Recovery (catalyst / DPF) (environmental permit and license6 *)
Airbag / Airbag Recovery / Neutralization (environmental permit and license7 *)
PCB Decontamination (environmental permit and license8 *)
Packaging Waste Collection and Sorting (environmental permit and license9)
Hazardous / Non-Hazardous Waste Interim Storage (environmental permit and license10)
Waste Accumulator Temporary Storage (environmental permit and license11)


Non-Hazardous Waste Collection Sorting (TAB) (document1)
Zero Waste Certificate (TS 81b3163) (document2) 
Hazardous Goods / ADR and Waste Transportation / Logistics (document3) 
ELV Delivery Place (provincial conformity certificate) (document 4)






Electric / Hybrid Vehicle (EV) Dismantling-Storage (certificate1) 
Environmental Management System Certificate (TS EN ISO 14001 2015) (certificate2) 
 Quality Management System Certificate (TS EN ISO 9001 2015) (certificate3) 
 Information Security Management System Certificate (TS EN ISO 27001 2013) (certificate4) 
 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate (TS OHSAS 18001 2007) (certificate5) 


 (* EIA has been received, environmental permit and license are at issuance stage)